Collaborate with Maximal

We like to help you as a festival organizer to attract more visitors. But also to make festival experience of your visitors even better. Working together with Maximal means an extra platform for your festival where people can easily arrange their transport & festival tickets. Do not hesitate to send a message to support [at] for further questions

Benefits of the collaboration

Why the collaboration will help you.

  • good and safe transport from major cities
  • more visitors and extra income for your event
  • a branded page of your event
  • an extra platform with various marketing options
  • an even more complete festival experience of your visitors

What we do

Since 2012, Maximal is organizes the best bus trips to Festivals throughout Europe. We see ourselves as the best surrounding programming of your event. Transport is an important part of the travel and festival experience. With Maximal you are assured of the safe and easy transportation of your visitors to and from your festival. This is what we do in the collaboration:

1. Strong Logistics

  1. safe transport
  2. crowd management
  3. sustainable and responsible

2. Extra festival visitors

  1. we inform
  2. we amuse
  3. we reach new target groups



At Maximal you are assured of the safe transport back and forth from your visitors. We work closely with Europe’s largest touringcar companies. Our coaches meet the highest quality requirements with experienced and certified drivers. All coaches are ISO 9001 / SKTB certified.


Crowd Management
A coach saves about 30 cars. Consequence: much less traffic jams both before and after the event. Safer for everyone and, in addition, much less complaints from visitors. And do not forget: it is sustainable too.

Every year more festivals are at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. From Green Camps to waste processing to vegetarian food. Collaborating with Maximal fits seamlessly into this. Not only do you save up to hundreds of cars; all coaches that Maximal uses also meet the highest standards in the area of sustainability.


Collaborating with Maximal means an extra promo channel for your event. Thus: extra attention for your event and more ticket sales. In addition, we ensure an even better festival experience, because we always offer transport from the most important cities to your event. We always offer a solution to the transport problem of many people.

  • more festival visitors and extra income
  • a branded page of your event or festival
  • blogs, mailings & social posts about your event
  • new target groups

For this we have all kinds of tools that we can use in collaboration with you. Maximal serves as a platform where visitors also discover other festivals and thus push their boundaries.

Total experience

We strive to serve travelers completely. We believe that travelers will experience your event even better when the trip is well and safely arranged. Imagine how relaxed visitors of your event arrive after the next bus trip:

  • Free cold beers on the go
  • € 15, – Uber credit: for from / to the bus
  • Briefed tour leaders
  • Friendly and responsible atmosphere on board
  • Secure buses equipped with ISO 9001